It won’t happen to me!

Americano from Caffé Nero this morning and it’s good! It’s sunny and the busy smells of London conjure up images of happy people waking up to a day full of potential.

It’s not really relevant whether it will happen to you or not. What you should try and imagine is that it has happened to you, after all, cancer strikes one in three of us apparently. So try harder, close your eyes and see yourself lying in a hospital scanner, the hum of the powerful magnets and whir of the motors, the scent of hospital cleansing products. You can’t be certain, but suddenly, the world of possibilities that lay ahead of you constricts.

How important will the petty concerns at work seem to you? Will you be bothered by the fact that you can’t afford a five bedroom house? You’re still alive, and maybe, when you get to the other side of this illness, you’ll breath deeply of the still morning air, close your eyes and listen to the birdsong. Perhaps, you’ll breathe thanks that another wonderful day has dawned for you to experience.

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