Born again!

[Retrospective: 18th June 2004] Four days after the operation, Mr. Smith comes to see me. The full biopsy on the lump of muscle he’s taken out shows that it’s not cancer! Instead the lump was something called Myositis Ossificans which is steadily turning one of my leg muscles to bone. I can’t quite believe it, they got it wrong! Whatever it is, it’s not life threatening, hurray! Now that the muscle has been removed and I’ve been prescribed a course of weapons-grade anti-inflammatory drugs, apparently I’m cured.

Then what? Well, I’m discharged on Friday and D’s parents pick me up from the hospital. There’s a slow recovery to get through first. I’m on crutches for several weeks because I can barely move my left leg, but who cares?

For a few weeks of my life, my own personal event horizon moved horribly close, and although I’m not sure that it’s the kind of thing everyone should experience, it has led to some extraordinary developments in my life. Just over a year onwards and it’s possible that the process has only just begun. The main effect so far has been to brand the message on my soul…life is precious and I must make better use of every day!

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