This post follows on from yesterday’s theme.

I want to start a new creed and I need your help!

They don’t mean to do it, but religions encourage bigotry and narrow mindedness. They provide a safe refuge and support for extremists. They are undermining efforts to keep the number of humans on this planet to a sustainable level. They are sapping people of their self-esteem, robbing them of vast sums of money and in horrifying numbers claiming their lives.

Here’s the plan. We’re going to put together a set of guidelines and build a new belief system. We’re going to show people that there is another way. A way to stand tall and still give maximum respect to all others. A way to meet the end of our lives with dignity.

The new creed needs a name and I don’t think “Make the Most” is appropriate. We’ll welcome suggestions for better names. The creed will be based on ideas like the ones enshrined in:

The song “Imagine” by John Lennon
The poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling
The piece entitled “Desiderata”
The idea from the film “Pass it Forwards”

We’ll welcome nominations for this list, especially if they come from other cultures. Anything that encourages love, tolerance and charity.

I don’t think anyone will be very surprised by the main guidelines.

1) No taking of human life
2) No theft, blackmail, torture, maiming or extortion
3) Everyone has a right their own concept of spirituality
4) All races, colours, shapes and sizes of people are equal
5) No one will be coerced into this creed
6) Work to achieve a balance with the planet we live on
7) Promote schemes to end world poverty
8) Take time out to help others
9) Take care of the children, they are our future

These are only roughed out and they need re-ordering. There are doubtlessly other guidlines that merit consideration. Additional clarifications may be required.

This is the people’s creed and will not support leaders or priests or others whose livelihoods may come to depend on maintaining the status quo. It may have to appoint spokespersons…we will welcome ideas to ensure that these people acquire only limited power.

Copy this text and send it to as many people as possible. It will take a long time to change the world, but it will be worth it.

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