Goverment and big corporations collude to keep the poor down

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I just failed to get back into the groove after four days off. Naturally I survived looking after the children and D had a great time away by the sound of it. Now all I need to do is find something at work that equals the joy you feel when you go to pick up your 3 year old daughter at nursery and she runs at you shouting “Daddy” and flings her arms around you. Fat chance.

I went to see another film last night…’The Constant Gardner’. What can I say? It is beautifully shot and it’s a moving film. It is a sad and depressing endictment of the West and of corporate greed. The film is all too shockingly believable in its description of big pharmaceutical companies using the people of Africa as human guinea-pigs and such is my dejection with our politicians that it seems almost obvious that this takes place with the full knowledge and clandestine support of ministers and goverment officials.

I feel like the little dwarf in ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’ when he types “What then must we do? What then must we do?”

A friend of mine works for the International Red Cross. A couple of years ago, he told me that 30% of the funding for the ICRC comes from the USA. He said that the ICRC was concerned tha it’s reliance on America was so high, and as my cynicism matures it’s not hard to see what kind of potential leverage that means.

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