Fantastic kitchen fitted for free!

It’s a beautiful frosty morning. The sky is blue and pink, the grass is white and the white disc of the moon presides over it all. Just magical!

Today’s post is dedicated to Harple and her husband Wotuse. Harple is an architect and S is a craftsman and they are the most kind and generous couple I know. While Harple’s parents are away, S has been fitting a new and sorely needed new kitchen for them free of charge. Harple and S are even paying for a fat chunk of the cost of materials.

The whole thing is beautifully done, as usual with S’s work, and you should see the glass tiles! Apparently they’re a nightmare to cut, but the end effect is wonderful. But…the best thing of all was the “soft-shut” drawers! Oooohhh! D and I have got a lovely kitchen at home, but we don;t have “soft-shut” drawers. I stood in the new kitchen sliding those drawers open and shut for about 10 minutes. You give them a push and they slide in up to a set point, engage with a spring and damper mechanism and then just pull themselves gently closed. They’re a marvel to watch. I’ve got kitchen drawer envy, real bad!

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