Not rushing back to work

Hi folks, I’m suffering from the lurgy and have ducked out for the day. Was poorly all weekend, but not incapacitated with it. A fever of some sort, brains like mashed potato and temperature unstable. Urgh!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand those Lemsip adverts…”Lemsip Max Strength” or whatever it is. Drink this, cover up all your symptoms and be a hero at work (and then take two weeks to recover fully instead of just 2 days). We’re here to do more than just work, and it seems extraordinary to me that so many people value their apparent status at work above their health. It’s dangerous, woolly-headed thinking. The plain truth of it is that if I fell under the Big Red Bus tomorrow, life at work would sail on without me, hardly a ripple in the fabric of operations.

No. I must rest and get better, properly. BTW, I’ve tried Max Strength once and it was all I could do to keep it down! I very nearly chucked it’s so horrid. Probably intentional, to stop people glugging it back all day…even so.

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