Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Christmas, I love it! If it’s cold and it snows then I’ll love it twice as much. The cold weather isn’t bothering me on my cycle to the station each morning, which I guess just means I’m wrapping up well. Admittedly it’s only a 5 minute journey, but when your cycling, the first 5 minutes are the coldest.

Perhaps at last this year, I’ll get the chance to take my children tobogganing. About three years ago, I bought a toboggan in a fit of insane optimism. The woman in the shop quietly pressed the buzzer under the counter, warning the heavy crew in the back room that a loony was in the shop. She knew, like the rest of the population of the South East that there wasn’t going to be any snow that year, but she still sold me the only toboggan, ordered years ago before global warming kicked in.

She was right of course. There was no snow that year, or the next, or last year. I will feel I’ve failed to provide my children with a proper childhood if they haven’t got memories of shooting down a slope towards a barbed-wire fence at breakneck speed, beating their hands together and stamping feet to force some life back into frozen extremities.

Maybe this year though…maybe this year, and then I’ll be the one laughing as we head for the snow covered South Downs, past queues of people trying desperately to buy toboggans. Ha-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha,hahahahaaaaa…(evil genius laugh).

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