Warm nights in and fun nights out

All weekend I’ve had a warm glow, partially because of the fire in the grate, but mostly because we’ve ordered logs for the first time. It felt like a really homely, countrified thing to do. The trouble was, I had no idea how to go about ordering them. What size logs and how big a delivery? What on earth does half a ton look like? Is that enough for a couple of weekends or two winters? I decided to go for half a ton, the smallest load on the basis that it was half a ton more than we’ve ever ordered before.

The next big day for Penny is nearly here! The hair on my forearms is trimmed back so that it doesn’t criss-cross darkly. Last night I shaved my legs. This needs doing several days before an event so that the skin calms down and and cuts made from the initial shave have time to heal!

Sadly one of the ‘girls’ I was looking forward to meeting has pulled out at the last minute due in part to difficulties at home which I think means, problems getting permission. This is sad, but entirely understandable. I have changed the rules with D over my own outings. I offered not to arrange any trips unless explicitly agreed by her. In spite of her own distaste for this ‘hobby’, she has okayed Saturday’s event.

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