Secret weekend destination infuriates inquisitive wife

Shortly before Christmas I put operation Getaway into effect. D and I celebrate out 13th anniversary on May the 8th this year. I’m so stunned and delighted that she still wants to be with me, I’ve booked us both a romantic, long weekend away. I’d love to tell you where to, but D might be reading this blog and it’s a secret so she mustn’t know!

So far I have booked flights and hotel and I have begun to muster grandparents into action to stand in for us over 4 days. D does know it involves a flight, but I hope she will only find out the detail when we get to the departure lounge! Tee-hee. Of course she’s trying to trick me into giving the game away.

“You have to tell me what to pack!” D says petulantly.
“Sure. It’s going to be really, really cold,” I volunteer cheerfully.
“No really,” she pleads. “What do I need to take?”
“No, you’re right. What was I saying? You need to pack bikinis ‘cos it’s going to be roasting.”
“PAH!” D scoffs, “You know I don’t wear bikinis!”
“OK, whatever,” I shrug.

As you can see I held out there, but she’s sly and I’ve got to be on my guard. Hell hath no fury as a woman left out of a secret. He-he-he!

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