Another one of those weeks!

It’s been another one of those weeks! Full-on and in-my-face and breathless, and there’s no-one to blame but myself.

Last weekend I was busy building a fitted wardrobe into our son’s bedroom. On Monday I was up to Leeds again for work and I had the beginnings of a cold that D kindly passed on to me. On Tuesday morning I dragged my corpse out of bed and did the commute thing. I felt so rough that I cancelled the meeting I had with clients, tidied up some loose ends and finally bowed to pressure from colleagues to get the f**k home so they didn’t catch my cold! Wednesday felt like three days, suffering at home and blowing my nose like a foghorn every 3 minutes.

I really didn’t feel a whole lot better on Thursday morning, but as I was due to chair a meeting that couldn’t really be postponed, there was little choice. I drugged myself to the eyeballs and reflected morosely on my poor prospects of being able to go out on the evening. For a while, I had been planning to go out as Penny again, and this was supposed to have been it.

Fortunately, I did improve as the day went on and by the evening, the euphoria of a night out in Brighton kicked in and did more for me than a whole pharmacy of drugs.

I got the children bathed and into their PJs, said goodnight and left to go and meet A.HH. I had to change at her place in 1 hour and 15 minutes, even managing to stick some nails on, something I’ve never tried before.

We went to the “Candy Bar” in Brighton which has a women-only night for lesbians on Thursdays. Thankfully they don’t seem to be too fussy about the kind of ladies they admit, so I wasn’t excluded. It was a good night! Rebecca was running a pole-dancing exhibition “by women, for women” by her students. Amazingly, the raw, unprofessional feel to the event, and the small, friendly size of the club meant that the girls were given a very warm reception. This place is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Friday I worked at home, and in the evening drove to Hampshire for a lads night out! Beer and curry with a group of (just about) my oldest and best friends. Sadly the curry was poor, but the company was fantastic and more than made up for it. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. Stayed overnight with R and family who are lovely. While I showered in the morning, R had to walk through the shower room to get the potty for his son. If he noticed my shaved legs he made no comment. These friends don’t know about Penny yet.

Drove back home on Saturday in the TVR. The sun was shining, so I put the top down. Ahhh…magical. It’s a shame I’ve got to sell it really!

More wardrobe making (the doors that afternoon), then a lovely dinner in HH with D’s parents. Today (Sunday) I finished the wardrobe, just in time for little T’s birthday party! My youngest daughter will be 4 on Tuesday. 4!!! It hardly seems possible. The whole thing went pretty well. As usual, D prepares the food, and I run the party games. Teamwork!

All three children are in bed now. I can put my feet up for 45 minutes and read before the next crazy week begins!

“Once more unto the breach dear friends!”

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