Making plans for the future and for the family

Ten months after closing down the company I ran for nearly 6 years, I have finally come to an arrangement with the last of the company’s creditors! It’s really extraordinary how disorganised and inefficient the big companies can be.

Now that worry is out of the way I can begin my plans with more certainty. I had already decided to sell my TVR at the start of the year. Clearing up my company’s debts has not changed my mind. The car has to go. Having sorted out the problems it had when I bought it, I will be sad to see it go, but the money will be put to good use.

Firstly, since starting my new job almost a year ago, I have not been making any pension contributions. Selling the car will free up an estimated 100.GBP per month in running costs which will instead go into my pension.

Secondly, I want to pay for two family holidays. A summer holiday this year and a very expensive skiing holiday in 2007. Why will these holidays cost so much? Well, when you’re a family of five, there’s just no such thing as a cheap holiday anymore. Being mostly restricted to school holidays doesn’t help.

But the skiing holiday will be ferociously expensive because neither D, nor any of my children have ever been before. D is deeply sceptical about the joys of skiing, especially as she’s not the sporty type. So we will have to be in a chalet for maximum esthetic effect, it will have to be fully catered so that D doesn’t have to do any cooking. We have no equipment for the children, so just about everything will have to be bought or hired.

It will be very upsetting if, having sacrificed my car, there is no snow, or someone breaks a leg on the first day. Best not to think of all te things that could go wrong, because if it goes right, the memory of that holiday will live on in my family’s memories for many more years than the car could last.

So if you’ve got some cash that needs spending, see and get in touch with me to buy yourself a rocket!

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