Birthdays approach more quickly than fitness!

One of my plans for this year is to windsurf more. Otherphil is pretty serious but our last outing in West Wittering really scared us both! There were two problems; the conditions were silly, and we weren’t clever enough to spot that, and neither of us were fit enough.

In particular, my left leg was very weak so that lifting it out of the water and onto the board in readiness for each water-start attempt was very tiring! See Leg Trouble.

Commuter-James has promised to go cycling with me, but we haven’t been able to put it together since it was mentioned. On the offchance, I e-mail Otherphil on Thursday and thought the idea of blasting up and down some steep hills was a great idea! He collected me at 10 today and we went to Holmbury Hill which has some wicked sections; quite technical, especially for a mountain biking newbie like me.

F**k was the wind was bitter and my knees were a horrible, mottled pink and blue! Still, we got out, and the plan is underway.

The countdown to my fortieth birthday has started, and I’m wondering whether to attempt a (windsurfing) loop before October. I’ve only tried it once before and twisted my ankle badly… Is this something I need to do? Not sure. Is my 40th a big deal? Not really. I don’t feel as though my life is half over. In some ways I feel like it’s only just begun.

The sleeper has woken!

Oh…the TVR hasn’t sold yet which is disappointing, but summer approaches and hopefully demand will increase as the snow-flurries die down. Right now I don’t se any other way I will be able to afford to take the family skiing in Feb next year.

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