One hundred blog birthday!

Hey! I just discovered I’ve reached 100 blogs, this being the 101st I guess. Now there’s a trivial milestone.

I’m at home today skiving because I’m going to see the doc about my eye. Finally went for a bike ride with Commuter James yesterday. It was a good ride in cold, clear winter air with blue sky. Cycled through some lovely Sussex countryside, stopping on the way back for a pint in the Black Horse, a lovely, traditional country pub. When I got home, I had a shower and something splashed into my eye. I was in such agony, I actually roared with pain. It wasn’t much better when I woke up (although not so bad that I can’t tap out a few lines here), so D is going to drop me off at the saw-bones later.

Harple and Drills came for the weekend and it’s great to see them all fired up about their new property! Their plans to buy a property in France aren’t dead yet either.

Someone phoned about the TVR, but didn’t come and see it. I may have to step up the sales effort a gear or two. It MUST sell so that I can pay for the family skiing holiday in 2007.

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