Children teach their parents

Well it’s difficult for a week to get more exciting after Monday’s bowling and mad Russians!

It looks like my daughter is going to be responsible for me learning sheet music about 30 years after I first tried and gave it up as too boring! It’s interesting how children can force you to raise your game. J is learning the violin and to encourage her, I am trying to play too. Well it’s extraordinary, but actually, these little black squiggles aren’t too hard to learn after all! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! Why oh why didn’t I just try a little harder when I was young?!?!

So now she wants me to play along on my guitar so that she can get the rhythm of it! Argh, so now I have to map her violin notes to my guitar, but you know what? It’s actually not that hard. What IS hard is finding the time…especially when I waste such a lot of it on the ol’ ‘puter!

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