Apologies and plans for the future

First off, I would like to apologise unreservedly to Moondancer who I booted off my list of blog pals. It seems Moondancer is active and I must therefore assume that it is the content of my blog which is to blame.

That out of the way…my plans for this year are in a state of mixed progress. The secret is out about the trip to Venice, but in fact, it’s probably just as well. D can enjoy planning the things we want to go and see.

The plan to organise a skiing holiday for my family in 2007 is progressing, but I need to sell the TVR to fund it and that’s not happening just yet. Someone was coming to see it this morning but they didn’t show, and didn’t phone to let me know…scum. I sent him a txt-flame and he phoned me back 5 minutes later with an apology and promises to come and see it next weekend! I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

I have bid for a sail on eBay as my windsurfing quiver consists of only 2 sails which doesn’t cover a good range of wind strenghts. The plan to go windsurfing more this year is in hand. Just need the weather to warm up a notch or two. Brrr!

Out of the blue an intersting job opportunity has come up in a way which shows just how important it is to keep in touch with as many people as possible! It is less money, but it is local which would reduce my daily commute from 3 hours a day to 40 minutes of strolling! More on that later in the week.

As for my alter-ego Penny, it looks as if I will get a night out in my female guise before too long. April 22nd. Hurray! Cannot go the whole hog though as summer is approaching and I need my legs hairy. Thick tights or jeans will have to act as cover.

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