Countdown to the surprise windsurfing holiday

Breathless! Tired!

Got in late last night after beer and curry with the guys who used to work for me. They’re a good lot and I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it all work for us. It all fell apart a year ago and this was a one-year after reunion. Thanks for all your hard work lads.

Today I’ve been looking after the kids all day as D helps out with the school PTA roller-disco. Argh how I love them all. I wish when they say “Dad…can we get that please?” and “Oh, but Dad, I really want to collect those! Katy at school does and SHE’s practically got them all now,” I could just reach into my pocket and get it all. All that stuff their eyes shine for.

Countdown to windsurfing holiday is about 58 hours! Fecken-feck! I can still hardly believe it. Everyone is incredulous that I’m getting a freebie and I guess they should be. What they don’t know is that I was the shoulder that Rt used to cry on when he was in love and struggling with a relationship. He was convinced she was the one he was going to marry. Maybe I was a good listener, but I’m sure I didn’t do enough to earn this, a free 2 week holiday!?!

Pschaw! Sun, sand, wind and good kit! The adrenaline rush as the power of the elements propells you at 35 MPH, arms burning with the force of the rig, the nose of the board skittering off the wavetops, the mournful whoo-whooing of the wind blowing through the holes in the wishbone and the crashing, salty nasal-douche of a high-speed wipeout! Damn-it, I can hardly sleep from the wonder and excitment of it.

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