Diary of a travelling companion (Part 1)

After what seemed like a journey of a week or more, we finally arrived in the resort of El Yaque on the island of Margarita!

I have just come off the water after the first day windsurfing. RT and I did about 4.5 hours with a short break in the middle and had a late lunch. RT went back to try and cram in another hour or so before the final whistle but I thought it was enough for day 1. Dtm did took lesson this morning because he is a beginner.

Our apartment is simple but functional. We have to share it with the odd cockroach of course, being in this kind of climate. I have had 2 showers but didn´t manage to make either even remotely warm. Dtm says his showers have been tepid too. I suppose in this weather it´s OK.

The resort is a very 3rd world ramshackle of buildings along an otherwise uninhabited stretch of coastline. There´s a bit of building work going on at the end on another hotel. These hotels are not BIG things. The scenery around the area is very dusty, dry scrubland with spikey planys, grasses and cacti.

From the beach, the whole affair looks rather more tolerable with a jumble of palm-leaf topped bars and hacienda-style restaurants packed in amongst the winsurfing centres. By lunchtime, the sea looks busy with dynamic types whizzing about and popping all sorts of weird maneovers that I can´t even name, much less perform.

I must go now. My cybercaf vouchers are expiring, but most importantly I must play the part of travelling companion!

More blogging from Venezuela soon!

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