Diary of a travelling companion (Part 2)

RT brought his laptop so I am sitting at one of the beach-side cafe-bars 20 metres from the water watching the hundreds of sails out on the water. The sun is shining and there is a stiff force 5 blowing dead across the beach, just as it has done on the previous two days. It seems to start out at F4 in the morning with lots of holes in it and then fills in gradually to a more consistent F5 in the afternoon. This is the third day. I was out this morning but am taking the afternoon off to give my hands a chance to heal; they are a bit shredded in spite of gloves. I even resorted to sticking strips of Duck Tape over the worst affected bits of my fingers but even that didn’t last long.

My “Hero Rating” is sadly very low at present. It works on a scale of 1 to 10 and is entirely self-administered so that ones score represents success against ones own expectations. On day one I figured that my score was about 1. Yesterday I did some better gybes but only enough to boost my score to 1.5. In this morning’s session I was falling in so consistently on the gybes that I decided I might as well fall in attempting something a little more spectacular, therefore I made three attempts at the duck gybe, none successful. I adjudged that those efforts were sufficiently well intentioned to offset the poor performance, so my Hero Rating has crept up to 1.75.

I don’t know whether to be despondent about the situation. There are about half a dozen sailors here of world-class standard who are chucking in freestyle manoevers that I can’t name, let alone attempt, in addition to loops, barrel rolls and bizwi-doodahs. I suppose they are inspirational to watch, but only with the certain knowledge that it is FAR, FAR TOO LATE for me. 🙂

I will take it easy this afternoon and avoid drinking too much (something RT, Dtm and I did last night). I cunningly found the only two girls here without accompanying men and we befriended them, only to discover that the reason they have no men is that they have each other! Oh well, they are very sweet and seem genuinely keen to hang out with us. I felt that finding friends was part of my role as “travelling companion” to RT since he’s paying for this.

Somehow in the haze of alcohol last night, I voluteered to play in a game of Rugby on the beach at 5pm today. It seems it has been postponed, but I may still have to play. I will be unfit, hopeless and will almost certainly get hurt, especially as I agreed to make up the numbers on the French team, something which the Brits here are sure to want to give me cause to regret.

Cheers for now…

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