Diary of a travelling companion (Part the last)

Back in the UK now and quite glad of it too. I am sore, beaten up and weary. It’s good to be back with the family who met me at Heathrow which was fantastic!

RT and Dtm went their separate ways. I still have a very big ‘thank you’ email to write! Hopefully some of the photos we took will be worthwhile. One may even get posted here…watch this space.

On the final day, I had three attempts at the ‘forward roll’, a jump, followed by a rotation of man, board and sail over and around the mast to continue in the same direction. No success I’m afraid. The effect was much like a high speed catapult from 6 feet up and I’ve got some bruising on my back to prove that water can seem very hard at high speed. Still, I had a go and my confidence is high. With waves on the South Coast for bigger ramps and a better technique, I’m sure I can do it.

For a while, because I loosely believe in the concept of “pass it forward”, I was troubled that this lavish holiday gifted to me was too big. Then I realised that the philosophy of “pass it forward” can’t demand that each favour passed on is the same size as (or bigger than) the original, otherwise it wouldn’t work. The magnitude of favours would grow over time to a point where no one could afford to do even one favour for others, let alone two! Let me know if you think I’m wrong.

Ugh! Back to work tomorrow.

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