Microsoft, brave or foolish?

Those of you who read my blog will know that I rarely, if ever use it to complain. There are enough people ranting already. However, I am very cross about the fact that the XBox 360 does not provide support for XBox games as standard. :-[

Looking at information on the Web before the launch, it was never clear. Now it seems that support is only ‘native’ for a couple of games including Halo. Well that’s small comfort to me because I am one of the few people who thought Halo was *pants*! There are other games I would rather be able to play. Apparently what I have to do is download support for individual games piecemeal IF it’s available.

This news is really irritating! How cheerfully do you think XBox owners will be when having to dip into their pockets to help Microsoft deliberately obsolesce our library of games.

In their attempt to provide backwards compatability in their operating systems, Microsoft crippled the reliability of almost every version of Windows and I cursed them for it. Perhaps this is their way of showing that they are tougher now in a less mature market. It’s either very brave or very foolish. What guarantee do I have that an XBox 360 game won’t be obsolete in 3 years time when the next variant comes out? None.

The next generation of Playstation is beginning to look very tempting now.

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