Life goes on and heros do exist after all!

Just come back from a drink with Otherphil. He seems to think that the Bahrain job will not happen, partly because his wife needs to be employed as well. He is also dealing with health problems which a scan may help to dispel on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

It’s good chatting with Otherphil about work. After a day when clients have been threatening to pull the plug on 1M.USD projects, disaster stories involving 100M.USD projects rather put things into perspective!

On a different matter entirely, I just want to say that Michael Zimmerman is a top-notch, modern-day hero! Michael is a priest in the USA who is battling religious idiocy. He claims that religion can co-exist with evolution and is under huge pressure from the god-squad as a result. As I have said before…evolution does not disprove the existence of God, it just proves the madness of the text in the bible. Not the same thing at all. See…


I wish him the very best of luck and send him my strength for the battle against the forces of bigotry and non-thinkers.

It seems we do (after all) live in a time of heros!

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