Google and eBay, the best inventions since sliced bread!

How the feck did people manage before Google and eBay were invented??? I just don’t understand! Life must have been miserable; having to reach for an encyclopeadia or telephone directory every time you weren’t sure about something or having to pay top whack for new gear, or trawl around depressing car-boot sales in the middle of torrential thunderstorms.

Just incredible! Here’s an example of why. We have ongoing trouble with our central heating combi boiler in our house. The problem was intermittent but has been getting gradually worse. Various people have tried to fix it to no avail, and finally, to avoid astronomical bills from the so-called experts, I have rolled up my sleeves and taken up the mantle.

After some fault finding and a bit of a guess, I used Google to locate the supplier of an air pressure switch. At 18.UKP it seemed a worthwhile punt. Sadly, that didn’t fix the problem. Using the boilers fault finding guide, I then wanted to try replacing another part. The same supplier quote 88.UKP, hmmm. Since I’m not sure that’s the fault, it’s probably not worth the risk. “Hey,” I said to D, half joking, “Maybe someone is selling the part on eBay!” Sure enough, when I checked, they were, and it was going for a song!

Hooray for Google and eBay!!!

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