A night out in Brighton

Last Saturday night I was Penny again, the first time since January. It’s true to say that I hadn’t been looking forward to this event in Brighton very much, partly because the rest of my life including work have been so busy that I haven’t had time to think about it. Also, what with the summer coming up and being a family man and all that entails, I had decided not to shave my legs. That kind of took the edge off the whole feminine experience.

Once again I met up with A.HH before the event, and she let me change at the shop where she works in Hove. A.HH’s wife Claire joined us there a little later. I was wearing a black skirt from a charity shop over opaque tights (concealing hair quite well). Knee-length black boots. A gauzy white and aqua top from Next was the only new item of clothing.

We met up with the other girls at the Tin Drum in Kemptown, Brighton. There was a huge arrangement of tables to seat 22 of us and I have to say that it wasn’t ideal because it sort of curved back on itself which meant you had to have a neck like an owl to glance round at everyone. The venue was also a bit loud which meant it was only comfortable chatting to the people either side me. Negatives out of the way, I have to say that the service was good and the food was excellent!

I met some interesting new people. One thing that you can say about chatting with trannies is that there’s not too much small talk. The awkward barriers have already, necessarily been broken down.

We drew a great deal of attention on our way out of the restaurant and on the way to Revenge, a three-level nightclub that’s primarily a gay venue. Three of us girls in particular spent a lot of time dancing which was great! My wife D isn’t keen on dancing at all, but I do like to lose myself in the music once in a while.

A.HH and I left at about 1:30am which is quite early really, but our feet were beginning to hurt, and I’d promised my son I would help him with his Airfix model 1st thing on Sunday morning. Good thing I remembered, because it was 2:30 by the time I’d showered and got the makeup off and dropped into bed and 4 hours and 2o minutes later he was up and pestering me to get out of bed! Ah well, you make your choices…

No regrets! Excellent fun.

Cassie and Penny

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