Deadlines and honest times

Apologies folks. I don’t anticipate getting much time for blogging this week. Things at work are pretty hectic! I don’t tend to talk about work very much, but that’s because it’s pretty dull.

I had a drink with Otherphil last week and at one point in the evening, he told me of the one occasion he shoplifted many years ago! Yes, I was stunned! It’s not for me to divulge the full details here, but suffice to say he felt entirely justified. Anyhow, this moment of honesty compelled me to reciprocate and so he learned about my alter-ego, Penny. He took it very well and asked tons of questions and we are clearly still friends because he joined B.I.L. (brother-in-law) and I for a spot of mountain biking at the weekend.

Has anyone else out there got any criminal past to admit to? Shoplifting? A spot of arson perhaps (erm…more on this one another time…perhaps)?

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