Dedication, that’s what it takes!

Must study, must study, must study, must not blog! If I get started now, I can do an hour and still have time before Lost. OK, so I’ll just leave a quick note.

Work has reached an interesting and potential tipping point. The product I am helping to go live has been demonstrated to the client. Needless to say (as it is an IT project) it is late, but today, the first real demonstration was done to one of my client’s clients. No feedback yet, and tomorrow I’m not in because I’m on one of these company team building things; archery, quad bikes etc. So Thursday there may be some very interesting news. Either we’ve been heading in roughly the right direction and will need to make some minor alterations to the course, or completely in the wrong direction and the whole thing may be canned.

Must go and say good night to the kids and then do homework…bye!

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