Soft toys and soft hearts

Ahhhh, look! How could you you give him up?

My son R (aged 7), found and kept a small soft toy and named him Scruff. When I learned about it, I asked him whether he thought someone might be feeling very sad, missing his fluffy companion. I told him the story of how, when I was either 6 or 7, I lost my soft, toy rabbit and how it had made me sad.

Eldest daughter J came to me later, reporting that R was crying. On investigation, it transpired that R was feeling upset for his disenfranchised counterpart (alright, that’s not quite how he put it) and wanted to return the toy to the management where it had been found. Bless him, he’s the sensitive kind.

We decided on a strategy of writing a letter to the management explaining that if anyone came looking for ‘Scruff’ they could get in touch with us, otherwise we would adopt him and make sure he had a good home. I’ll let you know if Scruff is reclaimed by his original owner!

[Yes, I have done my homework tonight!]

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