Back on the scene!

Well, that was a prolonged break from blogging! Here I am again, but it’s just experimental for now. Work situation has reduced from unsustainable madness down to sustainable chaos, but I can’t imagine I’ll have much time to post news here. Sorry.

Summary of recent news:
1) I did eventually sell the TVR which means the family can go skiing next March, hurrah!
2) I celebrated my 40th birthday. Phew…One third of the way through my life.
3) All three children can now ice-skate without help.

Item 3 above is TOP news! The two older kids love ice-skating, even though they’ve only been half a dozen times or so. This was the 4 year old’s third visit. The first two visits with any child always result in one or both parent’s backs in traction. This time, youngest held my hand for 5 minuutes and then refused all assistance for the remaining 90 minutes. PRICELESS.

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