More catching up

Jeez, I’ve been away so long I can hardly remember how to do this stuff at all! Just reminded myself how by checking out Phinebooty who has a great, running commentary, breathless style.

Well consultancy is a great big rollercoaster of a ride isn’t it. Currently I’m cast adrift on the maelstrom of political whim. Everyone at the client org love me and say I’m indispensible except that the one person taking decisions has decided I’m surplus to requirements! The truth is that I ought to be surplus to requirements, just that they’re so bloody short staffed already that there’s no-one to take on the jobs I was doing. Oh well…it’s not something I’m prepared to lose any sleep over.

In other developments, I finished a PRINCE 2 Project Management certification course last week which will stand out rather nicely on my CV when (if) I pass the grade. Hmmm…that gives me ideas.

Tonight should be a good one. I’m going out as my alter-ego Penny again. Dressing up, meal out and clubbing. Much too fun to let the girls have it all! If there’s any interesting news to come from that I’ll let you know. September was the last time I did this and that was certainly interesting! At one point in the evening, there I was, true blooded male, standing in my little red dress next to the Mayor of Brighton!

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