Taking control

One of the things I have been guilty of in my life is drifting. I have not been very good at taking control of situations I’m involved in. It’s always easier to go with the flow.

I’m a slow learner, so it’s taken me until the age of 40 for this to sink in! Every day your future may be dramatically determined by small chance occurrences, some of these are way outside your control, but some require you to react in a particular way to change the outcome. Others, more subtly could take place if you only knew how to look for them and reach out. This last is the hardest bit to remember. Usually, we’re so busy just forging ahead with the usual day-to-day flow of decisions that there just isn’t time to look up, see the bigger picture and look for a way to pull some threads and influence the outcome of events.

Of course, taking an active part in controlling your own destiny doesn’t automatically guarantee a good outcome. It must be possible to take many decisions and inadvertantly make things worse. Nevertheless, it does improve your self-confidence.

So on Tuesday, I took the cues and hints around me, and set out to shape my short-term future. The role I’m placed in at work has narrowed to a point where it’s not big enough or interesting enough to keep me engaged. I set up meetings with my own line-manager, and the line-manager I report to at the client site. At the end of these, I’d carved out a new position for myself at the client site. I don’t think it’s going to be easy and at times it won’t be fun, but it’s by far and away the best role for me, my company and the client. Hurray! Let’s hope it sticks.

The trouble is, knowing what I’m like, not that I’ve achieved that, I’ll probably revert to tunnel vision, not looking around at all the possibilities. Grrr, why am I such a slow learner?

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