Common courtesy

What ever happened to common courtesty? It’s definately dying a death. I’m no fan of religions, but I can’t help thinking that the decline of Christian principles and the rise of celebrity culture (me-me syndrome) is making everyone too arrogant, too self-important.

Surely you’ve noticed how many people answer their mobile phones in meetings? Surely you’ve had to put up with other people’s crap music on public transport?

It’s not often that I resport to a rant here, but this one is definately worthwhile!

Yesterday I was fuming because Scat booked me for a meeting at 4pm, along with an employee at the client site. As he usually does, he turned up 10 minutes late, but then proceeded to find and chat to three other people one after the other on our floor and then, without coming to apologise to Sat and I, disappeared into another impromptu meeting! >-( No indication of how long it would take or anything. So 50 minutes after the meeting was due to start, I gave up waiting and left. I was SO cross, I went straight to a pub and had a pint while I waited for my train.

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