Father Christmas is loaded!

I’ve just taken a straw poll around the office and apparently it’s not OK to tell my seven year old son that Santa doesn’t exist. I’ve made a bit of a rod for my own back here by putting carrots out for the reindeer and a glass of whiskey out for the Red Man and even dirtying a bowl of water left out for washing soot off!

My boy R made a Christmas list with loads of electramatronic-stereocompuphonic-robodinomathingies costing hundreds of pounds. “It’s OK Dad,” he replied in answer to my strangled noises when I saw the prices, “Father Christmas can get these.” Bless!

I tried to suggest that even Santa had a budget, but it all seemed to be blissfully unimportant detail to R. * Sigh * Perhaps I’ll try making a list that includes a sports car, new windsurfing kit, a mountain bike, PS3, XBox360, new stereo system, replacement computer, iPod and all the other stuff I want. It should be fine though, since apparently Father Christmas is loaded.

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