Calamity John and the runaway IT train!

Well I politely pointed out to Scat that he could have dropped by to apologise before disappearing into his improptu-more-important-than-our-meeting. See Common Courtesy. He kind of apologised but since then has sniped about me leaving work early! I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist a counter-offensive.

Actually, I think I’m going to have to call Scat “Calamity John” because he’s something of a cowboy! I’m sure there’ll be more on him later. IT’S A TRAIN WRECK WAITING TO HAPPEN!

In the meantime, I’ve found a very entertaining blog! Click on the tag Ferry at Juzzy and enjoy. Somewhat Hunter S Thompson.

Also, I’ve had a bit of a purge of some of my less active blog-pals. I’m sure they won’t notice, and if they do, I’ll be touched and will welcome them back with open arms and profuse apologies.

Fitness: I’m supposed to be going mountain biking this weekend with Otherphil. Initially, I also thought we should team up with B.I.L. and his pal Pate. Trouble is, they’re superfit and make Otherphil and I look like creaking duffers – which we are of course! Otherphil doesn’t seem to be reading his e-mails at the mo so it might not happen at all, especially as I’m coming down with a cold. Drat and double-drrat! (in best Dick Dastardly voice).

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