There’s a good reason to suffer the commute

I still haven’t managed to shake last week’s cold completely which is a nuisance. I had hoped that a longish bike ride yesterday morning in the frosty air would coax it all out. It was a fantastic morning though! The sun was rising over the skeletal trees and burning up the mist, that lay, blanket-like over the frosty fields. Frozen air clung to pockets of shade in the dips in the road and chilled my bones until the next rise allowed the life-giving warmth of the sun to my itchy-cold thighs.

The blue sky and the sparkling dew in the velvet fields reminded my why it’s worth commuting 3 hours every day. Hardly any concrete to be seen.

It would be great to keep this up…try to work off some of the middle-aged lethargy which is making it harder and harder to get off my backside and burn calories just for the thrill of being able to spring and bounce and run and live.

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