Seasonal Affective Disorder

…and I don’t mean the kind of Seasonal Affective Disorder that people get either. I’m talking about how daft it is when stores are stocking summer clothing already, just as the really cold part of winter is about to set in! It’s utter nonsense.

I bought D a lovely winter coat from Next for Christmas. Unfortunately, I got a size 10 and after she tried it on, she decided that 12 would be better. Of course Next’s racks are groaning with sale rubbish or summer stock, the winter coats long since departed. We’re facing three months of really cold weather culminating with snow in April! What on earth are the shops playing at? The upshot is that Next have lost a sale. They refunded the coat and I went to M&S who have got the sense to be still selling garments appropriate for the season. D now has a beautiful green Per Una coat, or at least will have when I get it home tonight. I hope she likes it!

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