The girl at the book club

Sheesh, what a weekend! It took less than 6 hours from putting our house on the market to getting an offer! Now all we need to do is find a house we want to buy, a job which would be much easier if we won the lottery.

My first attendance at the book club is worth reporting on. There were six of us in total, the two of us who were new, Net and I, helping to make up the numbers as there were three no-shows. Net is absolutely lovely and I will have to attend future sessions if for no other reason than to see her smile again.

The way this book club works is that the person who proposed the book provides the food too, which is supposed to be themed, so what with Alan Bennett’s northern roots, we were treated to chip butties which were fabulous! I can’t remember the last time I had chip butties, but it’s definately been too long!

The hosts are J and N. J is a bright, affable person, a top character who exudes self-confidence which I’m sure some might mistake for arrogance. I’ve always had a soft spot for J ever since I met him at work 11 years ago. His wife N is pettite, with dark hair and good looking, managing to keep her glow, in spite of the 4 kids and one of those direct people who just cut the bullshit and get straight to the question they have in mind which I think is good and I’m often accused of the same.

N’s sister S is the only one besides me who finished the book. She obviously loves reading and seems to devour books of every genre. M is a young (24) year old author who works at the local bookshop. He’s clearly a character and although he didn’t finish the book (tsk!), he did write a short review of the book as though by Alan Bennett himself which was a good parody of Alan’s lugubrious style and it made us all laugh. L, whose idea the book was seems really nice too although I’ve only ever exchanged a few words with her in the past. I should know more about her and family as her daughter is one of my youngest daughter’s best friends. She was apologetic about ‘Untold Stories’, but she shouldn’t have been. Book clubs should encourage breadth and diversity without blame, otherwise the members will become unadventurous!

Then there’s Net. She’s lovely…did I mention that? Dark hair, cropped short, slender, perhaps too much so. Confesses to never having been much of a reader as she was sporty when younger. leaving the books to her sister. Apparently the book club is an attempt to make up time. I wonder how old she is, 22, 23?

Everyone panned the book, with only two if us managing to read it cover-to-cover. It was mooted that this was probably a book inspired by Mr. Bennett’s agent. Got home at 11 o’clock, but it’s obvious that some sessions may last well into the early hours of Monday mornings! Next book: ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

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