Make your own…well, anything really!

Here’s an incredible site that’s worth having a look at if you’re even remotely clever with your hands or into craft. has it all! Dom told me about this but he hasn’t got kids, so I don’t know what he was up to on this site; perhaps he was making the amazing “Duck Tape Wallet” (I sh*t you not)!!!

Its week 5 of the house move and absolutely NOTHING has happened this week except that the solicitors doing our conveyancing lost our paperwork and had the nerve to suggest we were the careless ones!

At work, I’ve become completely fed up with the whole girl/boy ratio. Information Technology is a terrible, terrible job to wind up in if you appreciate the company of women because there just aren’t any. Well, all right, there are one or two, but not enough to cut the fetid smell of testosterone. *##£!!*#! it’s too depressing. Of course I’ve a lovely wife at home and that’s great, but there has to be a healthier balance of the sexes at work…surely!???

Arch, never mind. The week is over and I’m already half sozzled with wine and looking forward to oblivion. Better yet, I can dream about the skiing holiday, now only 2 weeks away. THAT is something to get excited about.

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