Does retail therapy work?

I don’t seem to be able to shake the blue-funk I’ve fallen into. Last night’s company-client do didn’t cheer me up very much. This morning, Commuter-James and I came up with a Beginners Allotment Kit which included a large roll-out sheet of tissue paper with all the seeds already attached in the right places. “Lay out on the ground and throw some soil over it.” That did put a smile on my face for a short while.

No, all I can think of at the moment to cheer me up is retail therapy. My mental window-shopping moves from new computer to monstrous telescope to bigger memory chip for my mp3-phone to some nice new work shirts…and then I think about getting something for my alter-ego, Penny.

I haven’t been out as Penny since November now and although that’s not the reason I’m feeling low, it would be great to do that again. Lisa asked me out next week, but I can’t make it. Oh well, there might be another opportunity once we’ve moved house.

Back to the retail therapy for a sec…I better not do any spending until I get confirmation from the bank that they’ve refunded the £1000 stolen from my bank account! Of course I can’t log on to see because they’ve frozen internet access to prevent more fraudulent transfers.

My son is 8 today, bless him. Space theme featured heavily in the presents and cake.

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