Work, rest and play!

Another week on Calamity John’s ranch looms and I have decided I must be tougher. Last week’s blue funk was the result of insufficiently interesting work. I shall find an opportunity to ask for more responsibility and greater autonomy.

Ever since I joined the ranks of wage slaves I have not been very beligerent. I must stand and fight instead of cutting and running. It is a double-edged sword to have a nature that is so easy-going and accomodating. Hold my ground, carve out opportunities for myself. I began this process last year and it worked well then, so now I must build on it.

Good news on the dressing up front! I have permission from D to go out on an overnighter at the end of April. Hopefully our house move will be over so it will be a good way to de-stress. Looks like it might be a trip to the Way Out club and I may even get to meet Tara again. Tara has been a good friend to me these last three years, in an electronic capacity if not geographically close by. Of course the usual problem is what to wear!

Another problem is windsurfing. The next few weeks should be a good time for it. I must get out more often this year, but making time will not be easy.

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