Vista : the hidden agenda?

Hooo-hoo! I normally avoid technical posts like the plague, but this is soemthing that is likely to end up affecting every Windows user in the world within a couple of years.

Looking at the Dell website the same day that Vista was announced, I noticed that it was already no longer possible to request a PC with the Windows XP operating system. Why? Could it be that Microsoft have applied the correct pressure to partners to force the issue? Why would they want to do that, apart from the usual reasons such as unwinding from the support of the previous OS.

Check this out…

Vista – ‘Cost Analysis’

It seems like there’s a hidden agenda, and in case you don’t have time to read the link, I’ll summarise it for you: Microsoft wants total dominance of the Information Technology in your home. Be afraid…very afraid! it will cost you thousands and thousands of pounds over your lifetime IF you choose to use a PC as a multimedia device, DVDs, music etc.

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