On open letter to my sister

Dear Sis,

I know you read this blog from time-to-time, so I thought I’d post this letter here, that way anyone who reads it will know what a wonderful person you are.

I’m so glad you came along with my family a couple of weeks ago! It was wonderful to see you over a period of 7 days as we only seem to flash in and out of each other’s lives for a few hours at a time, often months apart. As usual, you were kind and thoughtful throughout and it was so good of you to help out with my sister-in-law and her attempts to ski. I know my eldest daugther J loved skiing with you and it must have made her feel VERY grown up to go off with her aunt and uncle.

I hope you managed to do all you wanted and had a great time yourself. I know we cramped your style somewhat, so I want you to know that I really appreciated you being there. You’re a lovely person and your husband is great too!

Hope to see you again very soon.

Lots of love from Sleeper

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