A hate fest (purely as therapy you understand)

As those of you who read this blog occasionally will know, I try to avoid complaining and bitching. Too many blogs already do this very well. Instead, I’ve opted to try and see the positive. Just now, I feel like having a bit of a rant, so please excuse me while I ‘go off on one’! Normal service will be resumed shortly…

I hate extremists, I fecking hate Illinois Nazis, I really hate Christian fundamentalists, I hate bigots and religious zelots, why do they always have such an unassailable failure of logic? I hate the solicitors in charge of our house sale and purchase; why are the delays always someone else’s fault? I hate George Dubya for being such a feckwit, but I hate the Americans who voted for the idiot even more. Blair seemed to have a shred of decency at his core when he took office, so I hate him for losing that along the way and I despise him for ignoring the advice of his people and taking us to war against Iraq.

I hate it that so many people are poor around the world and I hate the big corporations for directly and indirectly working to maintain the balance of power. I really hate aubergines, who the hell decided they were a foodstuff? Was that the Greeks? Should I hate them for that? Holocaust deniers are a despicable bunch so I hate them, but I hate Jews too for indoctrinating their children with bible-babble.

I hate people who go on killing sprees at school and I hate it that they always seem to take their own lives, so failing to face the music. I hate the NRA for failing to see that guns are NEVER a good thing. COME ON! IT’S FECKING OBVIOUS!!! I can’t stand this assault of tiny little electronic gadgets that cost hundreds of pounds and do so little to improve our lives and become obsolete the minute you walk out of the feckin’ shop! I hate slave traffickers and loan sharks are almost as bad. I hate cheap self-assembled furniture because it’s crap. Why do we do it? You know that if you pay a decent price for a wardrobe it will last your lifetime, and maybe even get handed down to children, but no…so often we buy something which self-destructs under the weight of three nylon shirts!

I hate game shows and I really hate ‘reality TV’ shows. I hate rapists and child molesters. I hate people who drive recklessly. I think I’m running out of steam…

Sometime I hate myself for being selfish, lazy, arrogant, mean because I am all of those from time-to-time. I think my biggest crime at the moment is that I talk too much and don’t listen enough to others. Oh I really hate that!

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