Hectic life, hayfever, handbags and hair!

Is it me, or is life just getting busier by the day?

I keep looking forward to things easing up a bit but they never do. Well they never seem to anyway. Have begun the whirlwind that is packing to move house. Of course no sooner had I boxed a whole load of stuff than two members of the family insisted I retrieved items from the cartons that were simply indispensible! Grrr!

I hope the move goes smoothly because I’m determined to have my night out in London. It’s been too long since I last let my hair down. The process of femminisation has well and truely begun. My eyebrows are neater than usual, my legs are shaved, the hairs on my arms are trimmed short. I could shave my arms as well, plenty of trannies do. Luckily I’ve got fair hair which becomes a lot less conspicuous if it doesn’t criss-cross, so I like to keep the hair on my arms as it does look more natural. I cut my hair last night so it would fit under the wig neatly. I bought a short black dress on eBay for less than £2 (I’m always trying to do this hobby on the cheap) and a black necklace from Next for £9. Still have to get some false nails and I’m not sure whether to got for false eyelashes this time.

I’ll tell you one thing I really hate about being a woman…handbags! Handbags ought to be banned by the Geneva convention as unnecessarily cruel. However big a handbag is, you always need more space to fit that extra thing in, and then you can NEVER find what you’re looking for. Maybe real women are better at organising their handbags as they do it all the time. Of course it’s not really handbags that are the trouble, it’s that women have to carry so much c**p around. As a bloke, I stick my keys in one pocket and my wallet in another, VOILA!

One piece of great news is that Miss T is aiming to get to the Way Out Club too with a couple of her girlfriends. Miss T is a real girl, friend and work colleague. Look forward to seeing her.

Meanwhile, work maintains its hectic pace with no sign of it easing off as it was supposed to about now. Still, on the positive side, I did see my GP yesterday to get some more hayfever meds and he took the opportunity to check my blood pressure as I visit so rarely. 100/60 he said. “Very good!”. I haven’t got the foggiest what the numbers mean, but I’ll take his word for it. I suppose that means I may live beyond the age of 60.

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