My sister is a Clever Sausage; it’s official!

Congratulations are due to my sister, now officially a Clever Sausage as has gained another qualification. She now has enough letters after her name to make Richard Whitely go weak at the knees! Please stop Harple! You’re making me look thick!

I’ve just started reading the new book club book: ‘Stuart, a life backwards’ and I think we’re on to a real winner this time. Thank goodness! I’ll post a short review when I’ve finished it.

Yesterday I was naughty. I went out to get some false nails for Saturday night and as I passed Wallis, I noticed that they had a sale on. Now for the last couple of months I’ve had my eye on a lovely pair of black shoes in the display window. Just on the off-chance I popped in and was delighted to see that they were in the sale! Now here’s the snag. I really didn’t want to spend £30 and get home to find they didn’t fit, so…I just had to try them on. You should have seen the smile of the sales girl’s face when I asked her if she could fetch me a pair of size 8s to try on. Bless her.

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