Friendly neighbours – a good start

We’re in the new house. The move went fairly smoothly although there was a period when we were waiting with the removals firm, outside the new house, wondering whether the chain would complete! Thankfully it did. With help from friends and family, we are now mostly moved in and the house almost feels like home already. The fact that it’s such a good step up from our previous house is a big help! As for the children, the fact that the television is connected and the trampoline is reassembled means business as usual.

One item of note is how much more friendly the neighbours seem to be than where we used to live. To be sure we were on good terms with the folk in houses either side of us, but within 4 days, we have been ‘received’ by 6 of the surrounding houses, half of whom came over and introduced themselves! I can’t say whether it’s because the town we’ve moved to is smaller or because the road is less busy, but whatever the reason, it’s a fine result.

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