Just an ordinary night out!

Finally we’ve got broadband at home again and everything is set to rights again!

Several days ago I promised to post information on my visit to the ‘Way Out’ club, so here it is…

I was really looking forward to this event as I haven’t had a night out as my female alter-ego since last November! It seemed like a really long wait and was further complicated by it coinciding with our house move. Luckily the move went well and I worked very hard to get things sorted out on the Friday and Saturday so that I could get ‘time off for good behaviour’. D was fine with this and I eventually caught the train to London with a large rucksack packed with all my clothes and makeup etc. I wished I could have used the train journey to catch up with sleep because my exhaustion eventually cut short my evening.

I met Jim and wife K for a meal prior to dressing up. I’ve met Jim before but not his wife K, so I was interested to see what they were like as a couple, going out. D has no interest in joining me when I’m Penny, so it’s very interesting to meet wives who accompany their partners on this kind of thing. It’s fair to say that K is supportive in a ‘resigned’ kind of way to her partner’s needs rather than being keen or enthusiastic.

After a couple of drinks and then a meal at Pizza Express, we went to our separate hotels to change. I felt pretty good about my outfit and my look this time, especially as I made up for my inexpensive dress by spending more than I have ever spent on a pair of lovely shoes from Wallis! So I had a short, black dress with silver sparkles in it, black, patent-leather shoes with high (but not silly) heels, tan hold-ups with a shine and I wore my wig up in a hair grip at the back of my head which I thought looked good. Only thing I did wrong – other than trying to pass myself off as a woman at all – was do my lipstick too dark. I think my complexion suits lighter lipsticks.

The club was almost a disappointingly short distance from the hotel, but still far enough for me to nearly sprawl in the gutter! Tsk! If you’ve never worn patent leather shoes, here’s a top tip for when you do…they stick together if you catch one against the other. Luckily, the street was deserted so no one saw my unladylike stumble.

Jim and K were already there so there was no danger of me sitting on my own for a while which was just as well as the WO had a number of well dressed men whom Jim assured me were looking to pick up a ‘woman’. Hmmm…OK, tread carefully here. Well I got into the groove and did quite a lot of dancing which I like, but 75% of the music was crap. All the time I was looking forward to Miss T. (work colleague) and her friends turning up. Sadly they never made it due to transportation problems and then to cap it all, I got a headache, probably just the result of being tired. I finally gave up the effort at 2pm and crashed back at the hotel.

You know, the thing that I really struggle with on these nights out (apart from the makeup) is the transgender talk. Honestly, it’s hard not to yawn when another bloke-in-a-frock tells you how tough he/she has/had it. I’m certainly not ‘above it’, but it does get a bit tedious.

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