Sorry all. Haven’t had time to read your posts. I am busy at work and busy at home with various projects.

Good things that happened to me in the last week:
1) Escaped from my consultancy post at LOB Bank after 2 years and 2 months
2) Now started at Smallish Oil Co. where the coffee machines are half-decent
3) Otherphil phoned me on Saturday and said “How about some windsurfing?” I said yes and it was a great day for it. Will try to post some pics.

Bad things that happened to me:
1) Didn’t get into right part of train and missed my stop. “Myownfault” would have been proud. 😉
2) Lost Otherphil’s car/house keys on the beach! =-O But luckily we found them after scouring the area for half an hour. Grrr. “Myownfault” again.

That’s me done for now.

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