‘Consider Phlebas’

In spite of, or perhaps because of the crazy-mad-day yesterday, I sank myself into the last pages of this Iain M Banks book and once again the bastard went and upset me. Congratulations Iain! I salute you. I didn’t like the ‘Eaters’, no I really didn’t. You just flopped your sordid mind inside out and spilled your brain onto the pages, James Herbert style. But that wasn’t enough was it? You built our hopes up and hooked us in and then in the end you dumped us on an unforgiving shore of ruin! Bastard!

I wonder whether the book club will like Richard Morgan’s book ‘Altered Carbon’. I shall propose that instead.

On the work front, it was a better day today. Perhaps I may be able to salvage this project I’ve been given. There may still be time…or perhaps like Horza in ‘Consider Phlebas’ I am hurtling out of control.

My eldest doughter’s school play tonight and I managed to get home in time. Bless them all it was wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes (but like my Dad, I’m such a sentimental old fool that means precious little). Children are just fantastic; so clean of malice and so full of hope and potential.

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