The grey weather blues

Can’t shake them just now. My spirit doesn’t dent easily, but I must confess that the crap weather this weekend has got me down a bit. It might have been a different matter if I could have done some windsurfing. Work on the ‘oriental corner’ of the garden has literally got bogged down.

The children have been goading each other into frustrated rages every ten minutes which hasn’t helped! Finally, in a desperate bid to get them out of the house, we went to see ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ today, a family film which was actually rather good. It’s billed as a sort of children’s fantasy with trolls and such, so I thought it would be a special effects-fest with little or no plot, especially when I saw that it came from the same stable as ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. Reviews seemed positive though and justifiably so. In fact it’s almost entirely ‘real’ world about a boy you can actually believe in. Verdict: go see it if you have children to take along. 4-star.

Phine has ‘tagged’ me with a chain-letter style blog. If I weren’t sunk knee deep in this lassitude, I’d struggle to make her happy, so right now, there’s just no hope. Sorry PB.

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