Business as usual and on ‘being an author’

Adding insult to the injury of last weekend’s shit weather, we caught a tummy bug from relatives. Our two girls threw up three times in the early hours of Monday morning in perfect and unbelievable synchronisation, even though in different rooms! D and I suffered from wobbly tummies and cold shakes on Monday. I did make it into work, but had to go home early to sleep it off. We are all fine now. Back to business as usual.

I need to start doing something more useful with my spare time in the evenings. Several times in the last few weeks, my mind has turned to THE BOOK! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I have written a book; honest! It’s great idea for a story but the plot is poorly conceived and start to finsh, the prose is mostly dreadful. I need to think hard about this. Several times when I was writing the 1st draft, I nearly broke down and wept it was so hard. Odd isn’t it? You’d have thought writing was quite pleasant and not at all like hard work. Blogging’s not too bad.

A book is different though. Coming home from a day’s work and then trying to find enough wakefulness and creativity for a couple of hours of sustained effort is not always easy. Often, the result is only a couple of paragraphs.

Still, I’d love to get my name in print. The blogging might have to stop to make way for it…

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