Coming out…some more

Well I’m not in the blogging groove, but this is worth reporting. I had a review with my line manager recently and it was all good stuff. Then I let him in on the worst kept secret in the company, that I’m a cross-dresser!

My reasons were twofold:
1) He can be forewarned and look in-control if anyone mentions it
2) I proposed my idea to set up a support group for gay, lesbian and transgender folk

I knew this was going to be an interesting chat. Mr.H has got a reputation as something of a man’s man. Unreconstructed male etc. and Miss.T even warned me against talking to him. However, the precedent was set long ago when I told my previous line manager, so…

Well first of all it was a surprise to him and this meant that the company grapevine had been keeping the news under wraps quite well. Interesting! He was greatly amused it must be said and asked quite a few questions which is always an interesting reaction. It’s not a big deal, I’m not asking for any special treatment, so it’s just a bald statement of fact. I reassured him that I wasn’t about to come to work en-femme but apart from that there was no problem at all. he said he would discuss my idea of a supprt group with the board of the company and the chat moved on to other things and a couple more beers.

Well today I received an email from the MD and he’s understanding and supportive which is great, but he doesn’t want an email sent out to the company advertising a support network. “It’s a private matter and would be counterproductive…”. This is a disappointing outcome if it’s the end of the story…but is it?

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